5 of the Most Photogenic Spots in Cape Town

By Magdalena Seymour, Marketing Specialist with Adams & Butler

Cape Town, in South Africa, happens to be one Adams & Butler’s favourite places in the world, and it just so happens that it is also one of the most photogenic. With each visit you will fall more and more in love with its dramatic coastline, colourful streets and jaw-dropping sunsets. Cape Town is a photographers dream and has many spots to capture the perfect photo. Check the list below for our Top 5.

  1. Kloof Corner Not to be confused with the Kloof Ridge Hike – believe us, you don’t want to make that mistake – Kloof Corner is a rocky ledge on Table Mountain and is accessible with an easy 30-minute hike. It offers stunning panoramic views of Lion’s Head, Camps Bay and the Mother City, it is the perfect spot to get those sunrise and sunset shots.
  2. Signal Hill Signal Hill is the most popular spot in Cape Town to get those famous sunset pictures, with the majority of the crowds staying close to the car park at the top of the hill. A little tip for you is to walk down the hiking trail that leads away from the car park, towards Lion’s Head. It is here where you will get the money shots of Lion’s Head and Table Mountain with the sun setting behind their peaks. Another great tip for signal hill is to go to the secondary car park below the top of the hill, it’s a lot quieter for one, and if you follow one of the trails off it you might be lucky enough to see the magical table cloth cloud that rolls over the peak and drapes down the sides of Table Mountain
  3. Lion’s Head A visit to Cape Town would be incomplete without a hike up Lion’s Head. It is quite a simple hike for the most part, apart from needing to use some ladders and chains to get to the very top. And although the views are amazing from the top, the best photo spots are on the trail up, this allows you to have some of Lion’s Head in your photographs to give them a sense of scale. You should also not be afraid to take a detour into Wally’s Cave, which offers a unique view of Table Mountain.
  4. Bloubergstrand About 20 minutes outside of Cape Town you will find the amazing seaside are of Bloubergstrand. The views back to the city are simply breathtaking, and it is possible to get the two iconic peaks of Lion’s Head and Table Mountain into the background of a photo, with waves crashing into the rocks in the foreground.
  5. Camps Bay Camps Bay sits at the foot of the Twelve Apostles, and adjacent to Lion’s Head and Table Mountain. It is a wonderful little suburb with a beach town vibe and it may be the best place for sunrise in the world. As the sun rises from behind Table Mountain shafts of light stream down over Camps Bay, a give you one of the most amazing and beautiful shots you are likely to get. If you are lucky enough to have a drone, you can get some amazing shots of the tidal pools here too.
Lion’s Head

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